Believe In Love

If you smile a little harder
If the nights become colder
If your heart beats a little faster
thinking of him..this is not love!

If you walk a little briskly
If you do things hastily
If everything connects with him deeply
It may be a whim..but this is not love!

If he one day just walks away
If you miss him whole day
If the heart fails to find a new way
If you dream of the good times spent to stay
Beware of the coming grim..this is not love!


Love never fades
neither it has shades
It doesn’t change its taste
It is just a name anyways!
But then someone says..
Don’t you dare understate!

Love is like a blooming wave
When he says that he has faith
When you know how to maintain the space
knowing he will be far for days
and you wait with all the grace
and you hail him with all the praise
because you know he comes back always..

And when he comes back to you
You hug and kiss him on the lake
You sit and stand and twirl and shake
and feed him the dainty cheesecake
and thank the god for lovely beau
and bid him yet again adieu
For you know that this is fate!
And then you know that love is great!



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