India’s capital territory, dil walon ki Dilli has a population of about sixteen million. [1]Do you know that everyday around two million of them commute by metro?[2]People here belong to diff…

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India’s capital territory, dil walon ki Dilli has a population of about sixteen million. [1]Do you know that everyday around two million of them commute by metro?[2]People here belong to different religions and cultures,therefore, have diverse lifestyles.It is not realistic to judge one’s style of living by merely looking at them or by knowing their culture.However, just by observing the person’s style of walking, one can catch a glimpse of their lifestyle.

The box representation  described below mentions the lifestyles of people on X-axis, which is either active or sluggish and their respective style of walking on Y-axis, which is either fast or slow.The frame of reference is obviously Delhi Metro.This box can be called as BOLD a.k.a “Box Of Lifestyle In Delhi Metro” . The result shows four categories of people:

boldNote: The instances mentioned in this article are truly hypothetical and are only meant for humor.

Type A: The Contented Soul                                                                                                        4 Type A people have life under control.Most of them have achieved their goals and the rest of them knows that they are on the right track.Such people are always punctual since they have the command on life.In metro, such people can be easily identified with the composed look and slow yet confident walk.Still if you can’t recognize them,go to any metro station and take a closer look at the middle-aged uncles reading newspaper or the ladies focused on preparing the data for their presentations.Hence they have actively content lifestyle.

Type B: The Swanky Trumpets

These people are infuriating and abundant in metro.They are the slowest walkers (with inbuilt loudspeakers) ,story 2tellers and definitely Swankers .Such people talk so loud(louder than the trumpet) that even the person in the next coach can overhear it.But that’s not the crux.Problem arises when you need to alight from the metro but chances are fairly low as the entire door is guarded by these lazy asses.Sometimes it looks like they are playing the tortoise game in which the one who comes last and speaks the most wins the title.Joining the sluggish category is another breed of Music Addicts.Once a great man said that “Music brings peace and happiness”.Unfortunately he forgot to mention the words In limits!Such people are so lost that one has to deliberately push to get past them.These people generally are college youngsters and can be found near Rajiv Chowk metro station.

Type C: The Depraved Community

Have you ever confronted an Aunty who elbowed you 1just to enter into the metro faster and grab a seat.Or have you come across a pervert who takes advantage of the crowd and touches you.If no, then you are the luckiest person in Delhi.Otherwise, Condolences to the Victims who have faced the depraved community.(The morality of such people literally dies!) Type C people are fast both in speed as well as in their actions.They will always be in a hurry with set goals and would do anything to achieve it.But just because they are fast doesn’t mean they are punctual.In fact, they are the masters of tardiness.Do you wonder why these gorgeous looking girls with messy buns,having glittering jholas run rampant to board the first metro as if their Raj is waiting inside.The reason is their failure to manage time.And always remember one thing, their is a moral component to tardiness!

Type D: The Invisibles & Invincibles3.gif

Type D are rare breeds and seldom found in metro.They have a super active lifestyle which forces them to walk faster.They are the masters of everything they get involved in and strive for new challenges. They prefer their own vehicles but you can still find them on the airport express line.Some over-confident dudes also fall in the category and can be identified easily by the narcissistic expressions on the face.


And lastly,

Congratulations to remaining  JANTA for being Tolerant. 

I wish you all a joyful journey!